Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flying to Dubai

The 1st day
The flight was at 4:40 a.m Sunday morning 23rd of November from Tehran to Doha by Qatar Airways. The Iranian group was consist of 8 Students from different universitys. 2 of my friends were selected for digital photography, 2 for TV-Film feature/2 for TV Docuemtray/1 for analoge Photography and i was the only student who was selected for Graphic design category among other iranians.
After arrivning in Dubai Airport a driver were waiting there to take us to StarMetro Hotel. It was a nice hotel-apartment.
our chaperones "Imran Cheema" & "Sally Yassine" invited us to the main room for more information about the plan of the festival. Then we had launch and stayed in hotel till the end of the night bcz they asked us not to go out so that we could be lost!!! ;)

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