Thursday, December 25, 2008

The 3rd Day

It was another nice day. we went to CNBC building & visited different parts of it. There were a lot of equipments and everything was really professional. when i asked the Graphic Design part that what kind of software they work with they answered "All Adobe products! & even Maya" wow!!!
so i needed to learn more & more, there r still more Adobe products that i dont know. That day i decided to improve my skills and learn new graphical softwares.
we went to MBC channel too but very short bcz of the lack of time, then we returned to DMC (Duabi Media City) and went to a nice, expensive shopping center called Burjuman center.
well nice shopping center with different traditional & modern decorations and nice coffee shops and restaurants.Famous brands & ofcourse very expensive,so not a suitable place for students!
After shopping center they took us to a cruise for dinner. It was another dreamy night. floating on the "Persian Gulf" waters listening to music and letting the wind coddling ur hair :) i loved it. and a real delicious dinner on tables lighted with small blue candles in a romantic atmosphere was something i ll never forget.

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