Sunday, December 21, 2008

The 2nd Day

We went to Duabi Media City (DMC) in the morning. It is a real nice place. A complex of different bulidings and a wide area with flowers and central pool. You can find CNN,mbc,CNBC and many other channels there. They all own huge buildings in the Media City.And Our Exhibition was held on the pool !!!!
yea there were a wooden bridge over the pool which was covered by a white cloth temporary.All the posters, photos and journalistic reports were hanged on that temp wall and my poster was among them!!!
The film & TV feature showhall was in the other part of the bridge were some televisions were installed to show the students's films.
We had a graet! launch in DMC and went back to hotel to go to Desert Safari.
"Desert Safari" was a very nice part of our travel. they took us to desert, we took photos, rided Camels, had dinner & watched Arabic Dance all in a dreamy evening in Desert! i can never forget that night. In Desert Safari there were a young lady who drawn on the peoples's hands by Henna !!! and look it s me with an eastern ornamental on my hand! :D

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