Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 5th Day

Thursday morning was free for us to go shopping. we all went to the "mall of Emirates" abig shopping mall near the hotel. ofcourse much better than Burjuman, so that students like us could find things there for buying. i bought a "1-million" perfume from "Paco- Rabanne" for myself!!! since i love the men perfumes :D Later on when i returned iran i found that this pefume is very famous but when i was there i bought it bcz i just loved the smell! and could never imagine that it s this much famous!!! u dont belive but when i saw it i didnt like its package design but now when i pay more attention i see well it s not that much bad! ;)
in the evening the most important part of the Ibdaa award was about to happen; the Gala Dinner. It was a very formal dinner party in which one of the Emirates prince came with his governers. and the sponsers of Ibdaa awards all gathered in DMC to give the finla finalists their prizes and ofcourse a small statue of Ibdaa butterfly. The Gala Dinner was originally held by Galadari (which i ve heard that are originally iranian)the most powerful sponser of Ibdaa.
There were supposed to be just 1 person selected among others in any category. the selected person would receive 1 month internship with one of the sponsers and 4000$ award from Nikon for the digital photography part. A friend of mine called "Ganesh" from India won the graphic design award and from Iran another friend "Roqieh Tavakoli" won the prize for her film about iranian carpet in the Tv/Film feature category. :)
the day after that we were free again for shopping and on Friday night at 10:10 p.m we flyed to Doha again in order to return home. :) The journey was finished but lots of new friends came into my life. we are in contact via facebook now and i learned so many things and first of them was that "i need to learn more".

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