Friday, December 26, 2008

The 4th day

on Wednesday 26th of November they took us for a tour of Dubai. First we went to the persian gulf beach where "Burj Al Arab" is build exactly in front of a very nice hotel called "Atlantis" and the yare both located on "palm Jumeirah" (one of the most famous palms of Dubai- the center one ). since Burj Al Arab's enterance was rather expensive we just took a look from far! and took pictures by the seashore.then we went to Dubai Museum. They really had nothing compare to iranian museums!!! i just took a look & came out! then we had launch in DMC in the open area. it was really nice. and they gave us our certificates after launch. WEll i think i liked to receive my certificate in a more formal ceremony. May be it was better that gave it to us in the Gala dinner before thir highness came. (:?)
in the evening we went to AL Qoze Bowling center and played for 3 hours! very fantastic.we all enjoyed it :D

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