Sunday, June 27, 2010

There and back again (2)

Hi again :) it looks like i m writing this blog for myself since there i can see no comments in my last posts! well! ok let's smile to myself :) i know that i havent told any of my friends about my weblog! and i know that i dont update it very often! :D
in fact it s been more than a year that i havent come to my blog since there have been lots of changes in my life during the last year.
I was so busy last spring that all ended to my wedding day on August 5th 2009! :) smile? thank you
i wroked with "p.bioinformatics" and designed their catalogues and exhibition banners. I also worked with "Nasima" publication which ended to 2 cover designs and a book layout that i ll upload their pictures later on.
by the way i was also studying for the IELTS exam which was finished yesterday and i really got ride of it ! :D and during the last year so many other things happend in iran that made me severly upset. :(
i really do know what to say now. However, i came here to my blogger again to say new things.
may be to the ones that will read this weblog soon, bcz i have seriously decided to study abroad and i like people to see my past here.

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M said...

hi & wellcome back
congratulation for your wedding memo in 2days later.
good luck