Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy New Year :D

hi there :) such a long time i havent been here :) well in fact i was really busy with my dissertation which was just finished in the 2nd decade of March, i did not sleep for 2 nights therefore i got sick foe a week!!! then i went for an eye surgery called "Lasek" in order to make my glasses useless!!! of course after that surgery i could not work with computer for a long time. it took me 2 weeks to be able to watch TV and work with computer. tnx God it was the new Iranian year's holidays and i could rest at home :D
21st of March is the the start of the Iranian New Year called "Norouz" which means "the new day". the Iranian calender is exactly based on the solar system and exactly on the hour, minute and second that the earth finishes its journey around the sun the new year begins.As our new year starts with the first day of spring we have many many nice traditions that i can not explain here. but u can find them by searching "Norouz" in google and be sure u will find nice things ;)

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