Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teaching in an institute of higher education :)

Hi, as i told u ive been teaching graphic for 2 years (so i guess it should have been since September 2008 probably!) and i ve been teaching graphic design in the "
Tehran Institute of Technology (Niavaran Branch) and i had taken photos of my students' works but i have never thought of uploading those designs in my blog. About 2 months ago my father called me and said that an institute of higher education is looking for a Graphic art instructor who can teach lessons such as Layout, Designing signs, Poster and graphical softwares, well that was good news! i could be very helpful and it could be a very good experience for me too! so i decided to go there right away and thanks God it was not too far from home just an hour time to get there in the usual traffic of Tehran!
The institute was called "Asre Dino Danesh" (ADD) and it was a branch of "Applied Sciences" University which means "Elmi Karbordi" in persian. I had my first experience in the summer term there and i taught Layout/Phtoshop/Corel Darw/ designing signs there. I also had good students and this time i decided to upload their files! in order to let them be known and let myself see how i have taught them! :) i can also have an electronical connection to my students to let them know about different news while not seeing them.
here's the blog:
photoshop and corel students were not the first ones so i was not very much excited for what they had done, however the Sign Design and Layout works were really good ones. Therefore i made a blog and uploaded my students' works there. I will be happy if you have time and take look ;)

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