Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Grandfather

Some people believe that "Morteza Momayez" is the Godfather of the Graphic in Iran. Well there have been people who studied and taught Graphic Design before him but no one can deny that he has been the most hard working Iranian Graphic Designer in the last decades. I had the Chance to be his student for 1 term in the faculty of fine Arts- University of Tehran where he was the manager of the Graphic Design group in visual Arts department. He taught us how to talk about a poster, how to criticize a graphic art work. He also taught us to be decisive and responsible and impartial for writing an Art critic. He died of Cancer (after many years of fighting it) in fall 2005 when i was just about to graduate. He was really kind i loved him but I can never forget the authority of his eyes. God bless him/

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