Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The M.A teachers

Studying Master of Arts in crafts i ve had many good teachers and i m really proud of being their student and today i wanna talk about two of them Mr.Hamid Severi and Dr.Hamid Keshmirshekan in this post. Mr.Severi's main field of study is photography and history of art. He has studyed Art history in one of the U.S.A universities. He taught us "The applied Arts History" and "Research methodologies". He is a real good teacher i will never forget his classes. here's his own website: http://www.hseveri.com
Dr.H. Keshmirshekan had PHD in Art history & researches from Eastern Studies, Oriental Institute, Oxford University. wow! it was really exciting for me that he was graduated from Oxford! He taught us "ART Criticism". I'm still proud of being in contact with him via e-mail and i believe that he is a real unique man in his field of study.
in this picture from left u can see Mr.Severi- Dr.Keshmirshekan and Mrs Farah Osouli (one of the most famous contemporary female Iranian painters) she's very kind i ve talk to her ;)

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