Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the Eternal Sunshine!

well, adding to the last poster i upload i sent this one.

again for the "The Unity of the Monotheistic Religions". i designed this poster inspired by one of Melk Imboden's posters and then the titile came to my min itself. It s the 40th part of Yasin Sooreh in the holy Qoran. in this part God says "... the sun never osculates the moon and the night will never  intercurrents the day and all of them are praying in their own firmament".

i used the last bold part as a symbol of a pluralistic view. the Truth is one and unique and all religions are like revolving around it, as a symbol of solar system, as a symbol of Hadj ceremony, as a symbol of everything containng a circle and rotation. it can include all the world not only the religions. and it can also stand for anothe part of Qoran which the great God says " the God is  like light the of earth and heaven". Later i saw this model in so many things in nature as flowers, as rain drops and ...

i love this poster and its content

anyway in January 2007, this poster won the 1st prize in "the first award of Monotheistic Religions" and i still feel pretty happy thinking of that day, but i believe it was all my God's affection. He himself helped me designing this poster and inspired me the title.

you can serach my name in google and find websites about it but thuis is the direct link

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rachana said...

i love this work of urs!!! rachana hakani (india)