Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the sunshine of my life

well i dont know how many of my posters has been updated yet, but i guess i ve updated most of the ones which were designed before winter 2007. :)

in summer 2006 the Imam Ali museum of religious Arts asked graphic designers to participate in a poster competition called "Monotheistic Religions". in this competition designers were supposed to design their posters on the subject of pluralistic visions on different religions and that most of them, have the same goal and the other subject was "peace". I chose the 1st one and designed 2 posters for the competition one of them was this one:" 

in this poster i ve used iranian old lithographic illustration technique and ornamentals to design a poster with 5 angles (as the sign of 5 Great Prophets: Adam, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad) they are all holding a book (brought form sky) and so all are talking about the one unique truth.
The txt in the lower part of the poster is a translation of the last 2 parts of “Baqare” sooreh(sooreh is the name of every chapter) in the Holy Qoran; it says “our prophet is faith to what we told him and the prophets before. There s no difference between the God’s prophets. …”

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