Tuesday, November 4, 2008

After winning the 1st prize

After winning the 15000$ prize in "The 1st world Monotheistic REligions Award" I had more selfconfidence to prove myself as a graphic designer.I designed a project for the museum of Imam Ali which was called "The Imam Ali International painting sypmposium". So many painters were called to send their works by the title of "Justice and Humanism". I chosed sun as the symbol of Justice and it is also in the symbol of Imama Ali in my cuture. so this common sign could lead the viewer to find the diffeent colored rays as different international painters who wanted to show the justice in their paintings. This project was supposed to be published in offset and have billboard and ... but they changed it to digital printed posters and banners for the lack of budget. Anyway it as a nice and enjoyable projetc for me and i still love that big gold sun with its title written by Nastaliq (an Iranian type of calligraphy).

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