Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Koorosh Shishegaran

During my researches for the history of poster design in Iran, I met Mr.Koorosh Shishegaran who was a great poster designer during the Iranian revolution in 1979. He was very kind and gentle and helped me with gifting some issues of his original revolutionary posters and giving good explanations during 3-4 times that we met. Since then we have kept in touch and when Dr.Gruber came to Iran in December 2010, I arranged a meeting for these two to meet each other in order to talk about the Iranian revolutionary posters. I enjoyed the meeting and we had a great time watching posters and talking about them :) His son Pouya also did a great help talking about posters and where they had been presented. This picture is taken by him in his father's art studio and beside me there's Mrs.Shishegaran and Dr.Gruber.

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