Sunday, February 6, 2011

A beautiful day with Masters

It was a great pleasure to me that Mrs.Ch.J.Gruber the professor assistant of Islamic Art in the Indiana University came to Tehran this December and I had the chance to spend a whole day with her. I also had another chance in the same day for meeting Mr.Naser Palangi the great Iranian artist and his kind wife Mrs.Farideh Zariv who is also a professional artist. We spent almost the whole day together taking photos of Ashoura ceremony and after that they invited me to their apartment which was a real cozy and lovely place. Their apartment was full of art symbols and I could also see their paintings there. Mr.Palangi & his wife were really kind to me although they were old friends with Mrs.Gruber. I will never forget that day it was exactly December 16th, 2010. A few days after that I met Mr.Palangi in Imam Ali museum of religious arts in which Dr.Gruber had a presentation on Miraj nameh books and their illustrations. He signed his book for me named "Objective drawing and subjective drawing". I also enjoyed Dr.Gruber's speech. it was very professional and laconic. :) I was so excited for being among these great artist and art specialist that I will never forget the Ashoura day and the night of presentation in the museum. :)

these are photos of Dr.Gruber, Mr. Palangi, Mrs.Zariv and me :)

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