Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Melk Imboden

hi :) i was so busy studyingfor my dissertation that i couldnt come to my weblog but i ve decided to write more from now on :) so let me tell u that my dissertation is about "the visual elements of iranian handicrafts"(for using in posters & brochours). i ve studyed so many articles about crafts in iran and in the other countries of the world, about poster as media and ....

I'm a poster designer that's why i choosed this title. i ve got many poster designs in my resume'. i started designing posters when i was a B.A student in the faculty of fine arts. My first posters was designed for Melk Imboden the swiss graphic designer and phtographer since he had been in Tehran in Feb 2004 and i like his works very much. They deeply affected me and i loved his style. He was very nice and kind himself too.

So Melk Imboden turned into a permanent person in my mind. in wnter 2004, Mr.Reza Abedini was teaching us poster design in Tehran university. he asked us to design posters for our favorite person and i choosedd Melk Imboden! Above are the posters i designed for him. Left is the typographic poster i designed in his style by Kufi script in my own language.

you can see Melk Imboden's posters here:


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